How to manage a large team?

Managing a large #team requires quite an effort.

It starts with the realization that your success is dependent upon the success of the people you manage. One tool which can help you build a great team is the ‘Skill-Will matrix’.
Using this 2X2 matrix, team members are classified in one of the 4 quadrants to deploy relevant #management style:
1. High Skill & High Will (Style – Delegate) – Future leaders & should be developed for your role. This will ensure not only their #motivation but a high level of work-life balance for you.
2. High Skill and low Will (Style – Motivate) – Potential turnarounds, connect socially to identify the reason for low will (Family, role, etc.) & what motivates them.
3. Low Skill and High will (Style – Guide) – Provide them with relevant tools, training & coaching with defined timelines and control mechanisms. Review the level of control as time progresses.
4. Low Skill and Low Will (Style – Direct) – Short term action plan needs to be created with a vision of success and failure. Here the direction/supervision has to be task-oriented with clearly defined matrices.

Managing people is the greatest skill required at senior management level & this tool can definitely help. A professional #coach can help you master the tool.