What’s your priority?

It happened 6-8 years back,

I was working 12 to 14 hrs a day including weekends climbing up the corporate ladder. I was successful by all standards as I was holding one of the most important profiles, getting a promotion every 2-3 years and most importantly was respected for my views in the organization. Then this happened and it got me thinking:

In one of the training programs, I was asked to write 5 most memorable times of my life. It was difficult as I pondered over 10-15 minutes and realized two things :

  • I could only write 3 and
  • None of them were related to my professional life.

The bigger shock was yet to come as I evaluated later what I wrote and it revealed some scary things about the status of my life. I realized immediately that a course correction was needed as I was running after things which didn’t take priority in my life.

The 3 things I wrote were:

  1. The holiday spent with my 2 best school friends in my native village after passing school-
  2. My marriage &
  3. Birth of my daughter

This was then it occurred to me as I looked back at each of these events and evaluated what happened to them one by one.

  1. Holiday: It was in 1992, three of us went to my native place to our ancestral home in the hills and had a blast of a lifetime. We fought, we played, we explored places and created memories together. 20 years down the line, I realized that I was not in touch with my friends anymore and the house was lying shattered along with the memories.
  2. Marriage: My marriage was special for two reasons firstly because It took me around 5 years to realize and commit to my wife and then there were complications and difficulties from the family side. Finally, it all ended happily in marriage in 2008. In 5 years the situation was not what it should have been as I was not spending time both in terms of quality and quantity.
  3. My daughter: My daughter was born after lots of complications and hardships. My wife and I were stressed out through the pregnancy and finally, when she was delivered to my arms I almost felt like a god. It was probably the best feeling I have ever had. Today when she was 4 years old, I realized she was missing her dad as I would come home when she was sleeping and She would leave for school while I was sleeping.

I had my wake up call. What about you?

Please ask yourself what was the most memorable moments of your life? and then ask these follow-up questions:

  1. Are you creating enough memories?
  2. What do you value most and are you valuing it?

P.S. I did some course correction but it’s a different story.

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