Mumbai to Delhi drive | Honda city car | 23 Hours

Since the time I moved to Mumbai, Always wanted to drive back to Delhi. However it was difficult to convince my wife to take that plunge. She doesn’t like long drives while I on the other hand love to drive specially on highways. For 3 years i stayed in Mumbai and kept looking for an opportunity till April 2019 when I had to move back to Delhi. My wife and kids moved earlier in March for school admissions while I stayed back for completing some formalities. As per the program I had to transfer my Honda city with a transporter and suppose to take a flight to reach Delhi. Since the date was not final, I kept telling my wife that I’ll reach by 10th of April. On 31st of March, I decided to surprise my wife and leave in my car. I had made a perfect financial alibi for doing so. This is what I had thought..

“Transport of Car would cost around Rs.13,000 + cost of Air ticket to Delhi Rs.6,500 + To and fro from Airport Rs. 1,500 i.e a total expenses of Rs. 21,000. Against a petrol expense of Rs. 7,500 (for 1400 kms), Hotel Expense of Rs.500 ( At Udaipur) and Fooding expense of Rs.2000( Rs.1000/day at highway dhabas). I’ll save Rs. 11,000 by driving to Delhi hence it makes perfect financial sense.”

With this explanation, I set myself to experience the drive alone from Mumbai to Delhi. The plan was to cover the distance in 2 days. On day 1 from Mumbai to Udaipur and day 2 Udaipur to Delhi covering the entire distance in 24 Hours as per the google map.

Day 1 – Mumbai to Udaipur 760 Kms – 12 Hours

I started the journey at 4:30 A.M in the morning. When you’re moving out of Mumbai, it is advisable to start early in the morning to avoid the heavy traffic. I was able to get out of Mumbai by 5:00 A.M. and was cruising on the highway towards Udaipur. I must admit that the roads throughout Gujarat are extremely well maintained and you seldom find any obstruction on the way. The only irritants are 1.) High number of trucks moving on the road probably because of high economic activities and 2.) Number of toll booth on the way although the toll amount is less however number of toll are very high. The saving grace for me were my “honda city” and the playlist I had downloaded earlier to be played along the way. The road to Udaipur passes through Surat and Vadodara & is 760 Kms long. I reached Udaipur at around 4:30 in the evening where I had booked a room in Hotel Yois at Rs.516 only. I must say that at this price it was a steal cause room was extremely cosy and well maintained to have that well deserved rest for the day.

Day 2 – Udaipur to Delhi 660 Kms – 11 Hours

Next day also started at 4:30 A.M. and before I knew I was on the highway. Rajasthan’s highways are also equally good and made the journey comfortable. The road from Udaipur to Delhi passes through Ajmer and Jaipur both of these places are good tourist attractions. While Udaipur is called “City of lakes”, Jaipur is known as the “Pink city” and Ajmer is called the “Heart of Rajasthan”. I however had no time to stop at any of these places and was entirely focused on driving through the wonderfully built roads to reach home at the earliest to surprise my wife. 660km of distance was covered in little less than 11 hours and as I reached my home at around 3:00 P.M., I was greeted by an angry wife and family. I was called stupid, irresponsible and careless however deep inside me I was smiling as it was all worth it.

I covered the entire distance in 2 days however if you’re traveling with family, I suggest you take 4 days if you want to enjoy the journey and the places. The original plan which I had made with my family was as below :

Day1 – Mumbai to Vadodara 410 Kms 7 hrs and i night stay

Day2 – Vadodara to Udaipur 350 Kms 6 hrs and 2 night stay (Cover Mount Abu )

Day3 – Udaipur to Jaipur 390 Kms 7 Hrs with 1 night stay at Chokhi Dhani

Day4 – Jaipur to Delhi 270Kms 5 Hrs back to home

Do not forget to download a good playlist for the journey and enjoy

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