7 Habits of highly defective people

Not everyone is motivated and inspired by success stories, for some fear of failure works as the best motivator primarily because while successes are limited by numbers, failures are in abundance. For every Jack Ma, there are million of other Jacks who could not make it big and general public would find it easier to relate with them.

The “7 habits of highly defective people” are sure shot recipe for failure and one should avoid them at any cost. They are:

  1. Starts with a problem : You go into an important discussion about a new idea that can make a difference. You are faced with people who will list down all the reasons why the Idea is not feasible. You end up feeling demotivated and disgusted. Such people never get their dues as they often are ignored & bypassed at every opportunity by their bosses, peers & subordinates alike because they are seen as a bundle of problems without adding any value to discussions.    
  2. Has excuse for everything : It is extremely annoying to have a team member who does not take responsibility for his actions and is always trying to justify even when it is aptly clear. This habit is not only detrimental to the individual growth but also effects team harmony as people with this habit are generally blaming other team members.
  3. Delaying decision : One who procrastinate never achieve anything. We are surrounded by people who would delay decisions because they don’t want to take responsibilities for failures. They kill innovation and are extremely dangerous for the organization.
  4. Not listening : God has given us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason. An effective communication is 2/3 listening and 1/3 speaking however defective people have defective ears and are in love with their own voice. They call 20 people for a brainstorming session and 90% of the time would speak only. An Idea does not flourish around them as they are not ready to listen.
  5. Can’t say no : Believe it or not if you can’t say no, you are not only doing injustice to yourself but also to your team members and customers. Imagine having a boss with this habit who brings work (relevant or irrelevant) to his team members. Failures, missing deadlines and stress is what follows.
  6. Can’t trust hence can’t delegate : People with trust issues will eventually lead to dissatisfaction amongst people around them. They do not divulge the plans even to their team-members till the last moment making it difficult for entire team. Over time this trust issue becomes mutual and often causes conflicts.
  7. Unappreciative : The world is full of people who would point out your every single mistake however when it comes to appreciation, it is always conditional. Have you ever seen appreciation mails “Congratulations for achieving xxx however we have to achieve xxxx next month”. An appreciation is without condition and yes it moves upward, downward and sideways also i.e. even your boss deserves an appreciation from you.

These seven habits are deadly for not only your professional life but also your personal one as they lead to stress in relationships. If you see a trace of any of them within self, serious efforts must be put in to correct them before it is too late..

All the best..

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