How to do an effective job search?​

Setting out for job search

Make a LinkedIn profile   – Checked

Create a premium resume – Checked

Like and comment interested on posts – Checked

Apply for a 1000 jobs – Checked

Got interview calls – Nil

This could be a story of many of the job seekers looking desperately for jobs and wondering why they’re not able to crack it despite doing everything right. The job search can prove out to be a frustrating and time-consuming process. It requires hard work and proper planning to be successful in the process.

Identify the problem area: So you’ve been searching for a job and have taken all the necessary steps. By now you would have realized the two main challenges one faces in the job-search I.e.:

  1. I am not getting the interview calls.
  2. I am not getting selected at the interviews.

Here are some tips to be more effective in dealing with these challenges:

Getting more interview calls : 

Every salesperson would know the importance of building a quality funnel for getting more conversions. Hence applying for 1000 jobs blindly may not be as effective as few relevant and quality applications. One may try the following tips:

  • Call the people you know – You have a better chance of getting a job through people you know rather than liking/commenting on posts of unknown people. Most of the companies are choosing to recruit through references and the best part is reference can come from all the levels. So connect with your past acquaintances (be it peers, bosses, or subordinates). Making a list and asking them for help can be highly effective.
  • Apply for jobs posted directly by companies on job portals Look for jobs which are posted directly by companies of employees of the companies rather than placement consultants. There are many fake jobs on the portals hence do not yield any positive result. Connect with the job poster with a personalized message and show your relevance with a covering letter.
  • Work on a list: Make a list of the companies you’d want to work and then search for people who can connect you with these organizations. Also, make a list of profiles you can apply for and prepare selling stories for each of these profiles to pitch. Treat each application as a separate one and personalize as much as possible.
  • Create an appealing resume: A single page resume summary highlighting your qualification, experiences, Projects & achievements, proven skills and strengths (writing Hardworking, learning aptitude etc. will not help). There are many free formats available on the internet to choose from. Remember nobody can sell you better than yourself. 


The trick is to be objective, personalized and chooses quality over quantity.

Getting selected at the interview: So you’ve got that interview call and now want to know how to improve your chances of getting selected. It is easier said than done however following may help:

  • Write about yourself: If there is one thing that can help you prepare for an interview is writing your life history(Both personal and professional) in as much details as possible. Write down at least 50 pages and cover all the aspects such as Family, education, achievements, learnings, work experiences, relationships(personal and professional), strengths & weaknesses, hobbies etc. Be as descriptive as possible. This will help immensely in communicating with clarity and details.
  • Be specifics: Always prepare for specific answers related to your strengths and skills. So for example, if you point your strengths as “highly analytical” and “Fast learner” give at least 2-3 examples from your professional life to substantiate. Don’t mention something you can’t prove with specific examples. This is extremely important as it builds confidence within you also. Show your weaknesses as your areas of improvements an how you’re trying to overcome. Prepare well in advance.
  • Research: A good knowledge about the organization you’re going for an interview would definitely help. The best thing to research is the challenge that the industry in general and company in specific is facing and how can they counter them. For e.g., if you’re going for an interview in the banking industry you can talk about NPA and credit profiling. The other area which can yield positive results is giving specific feedbacks. For example, if you’re going for an interview to a hotel booking app, use the app and collect a few improvement feedbacks (either yourself or other users)
  • Be positive: Always stay positive during the interview, Do not let any negativity seep in especially on the question of conflicts management. Answer with a smiling face and be sure to emphasize what you learnt from each of your failures.

Hence be objective, substantiate your claims & show how you can add value to the organization. Lastly, do breathing exercise daily as it helps control anxiety during interviews.

Disclaimer: I have not appeared for many interviews but have conducted many and know many successful and unsuccessful jobseekers.

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