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Good quality education has always been a top priority amongst Indians leading to rising demand for studying abroad. More and more students in India are now looking beyond the traditional IITs and IIMs which are extremely difficult to get into. This has been fuelled further by the proactive approach adopted by top global universities in luring students.

Every year ~3,00,000 students from India go abroad to study, spending nearly $3Bn. While the US, Canada and UK remain top choices, Australia is growing fast as a preferred destination. The choices in terms of courses, universities and countries are wide and for someone with little knowledge, this can be quite confusing.

Choosing the right university can be a lot of hard work filled with uncertainties and concerns for future however with little research and introspection one can make the right choice. Hence before you decide on what is best, you must look at 3 aspects i.e.

What is your objective? : The first question you need to ask yourself is “Why do you want to study abroad?”. This will clear a lot of things and help you make an informed choice on country, course and university. every student could have different motivations for choosing to study abroad such as:

  1. Settle abroad: He/she would want to settle outside India for various reasons
  2. Quality of education: He/She would want to have the best quality education and
  3. Prestige: Tag of a foreign university etc..

Ascertain your motivation and then seek out the best that is available. Each of the objectives stated above can give you a separate result.

Financial Status: Studying abroad can be costly and cost varies as per country, course and universities. There are scholarships however not all universities provide them, also being limited in number, your chances of getting them is based on your profile & how well you prepare your application.

Student Profile: The academic and non-academic profile of a student is very important in ascertaining the universities you’ll be able to get into and your success in securing financial aid. Universities across the globe have minimum performance benchmarks hence you can choose ones offering admission at your performance levels.

Also, a good student profile can help you get into that dream university. For many Indian students, the choice to go to a global university develops during high-school hence profile building is limited to academics only. While academics is very important, a good profile goes beyond hence also looks into:

  1. Co-curricular achievements.
  2. Social and cultural achievement.
  3. Sports etc.

Many universities nowadays are giving more weights to the overall profile of the applicants in awarding scholarships and admissions. So it helps if you have noteworthy achievements in the above-mentioned areas.

A good education is what builds a great future. Pay enough thought and spend time to decide what is best for you. And in case you seek, help is available without any charge

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