How to ensure an endless supply of jobs in the future?

#lessons for working professionals especially the young ones.

If you want to have an endless supply of jobs in the future, help as many people possible get a job today. Every person placed with your help in a different company is a prospect for you.

The best one is to help your boss/senior get placed in your dream company.
The basic assumptions are, 1. most of the jobs are filled via reference, and 2. You are good enough to be referred.

Following are the steps:

a.) Scan the environment, look for leaders/people who you can work with, in the future(may not necessarily be your immediate boss). Build relations with him/her (let him see the value in you) – 6 to 12 months

b.) Help him/her in branding: In writing a killer resume/cover letter. Supporting him/her on Linkedin etc. 3-6 months.

c.) Look for companies that are hiring for a position suitable for him/her(especially the ones you’re interested in) 3-6 months

d.) Help him/her get placed, find references research companies, etc.

e.) Ask for payback at an appropriate time and manner.

f.) Keep repeating until you have a good funnel.

This may require a lot of effort but it’s worth it. Ask people like me who have 20+ years of experience but not too many people to call for a job.
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