What current marketers are doing wrong?

Here are the 6 things I believe a #marketer should ponder about, apart from the regular things.

1. #Benchmarking: Use it to create a unique positioning for the #organization rather than mindless copying of products and services.
2. #Marketing as a cost center: Try to change this #perception in the #organization (If it is so) for this will decide how strong marketing function will be.
3. #Brainstorming: The most powerful tool available for #problemsolving -solving & innovation yet not many use it effectively. Learn the basics and use it extensively.
4. Contact Center: Much time and resources are spent on gathering insights from the market however a plethora of insights are available only if one is willing to dig deep.
5. #Customer Voice: Take customer input with a pinch of salt. I have found BTC (Behind the counter) to be more effective than interviews.
6. #Reviews: If you have 2-3 reviews per week, you don’t have much time to do something productive, do you? If you have the authority must try and change it.

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