Writing is my passion and I do it to share the experiences I have gained throughout my life. Below are some of my blogs for life lessons

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So you’re free | Take it easy “A man left 15 years of service to follow his passion and built a mango farm in his village”.  This inspired you to leave your high paying 20 year’s of service to follow your own passion …. Read More

My Daughter my Pride There’s nothing in this world which gives me more satisfaction ….. Read More

7 Habits of highly defective people The “7 habits of highly defective people” are a sure shot recipe for failure and one should avoid them at any cos … Read More

Mumbai to Delhi drive | Honda city car | 23 Hours Since the time I moved to Mumbai, Always wanted to drive back to Delhi. However, it was difficult to convince my wife to take that plunge. She doesn’t like long drives while I on the other hand love to drive especially on highways.…. Read More

How to develop reading skills in kids Read if you have kids under 5 years or planning to have one. So it’s too late for you, you are now 40+ and the very thought of reading a book makes your eyes as heavy as a mountain, while that very successful colleague of yours reads books like you gulp down a beer … Read more

What’s your priority? It happened 6-8 years back, I was working 12 to 14 hrs a day including weekends climbing up the corporate ladder. I was successful by all standards as I was holding one of the most important profiles, getting a promotion every 2-3 years and …. Read More

Perils of Loyalty Having worked for 18 years in the same organization, one would like to believe that he’s become wiser and what do you do with wisdom…….  “Share it” So here it goes.. “Perils of Loyalty” Loyalty pays they say, however in case of employment it pays more to shift your loyalties ….. Read More

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